Leviathan™ for Myo and Mac OS X

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Leviathan™ for Myo and Mac OS X

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For the first time ever, control your favorite music software and analog synthesizers using custom gestures and movements with Myo. Perform chords, basslines, sequences, and entire songs with just the flick of your hand. Take powerful and detailed control of multiple FX with sweeping gestures. For use both in the studio and on stage - Leviathan is the ultimate performance tool - a true evolution in the way music is performed. Leviathan uses both MIDI and OSC to interface with any DAW, plugins or standalone music software.

Leviathan Feature Overview:

  • Control MIDI CC parameters with 1 of 2 Gestures
    • Clench Fist to Turn On CC9 + Rotate Arm to Change Value
    • Spread Hand to Turn On CC14 + Move Vertically to Change Value
    • Relax Hand to Turn Off
  • Play a Chord Sequence of Your Choice (up to 8 chords long)
    • Use the Double Tap Gesture to Start/Stop
    • Use Wave In Gesture to Change Chords
  • Activate Mono Mode to Perform Bass Lines or Melodies (up to 8 notes long)

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.9.5 or higher. Windows and Mac OS X 10.8 version coming soon. Sign up to our mailing list and be the first to know.

Myo sold separately ($199) at www.myo.com

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