"Endless Possibilites, Powerful" - YourEDM Reviews LEVIATHAN

January 26, 2016 - Nick Ward from YourEDM took a first-time glimpse at making music with Leviathan + Myo. Here's what he had to say:

"Within 10 minutes I was able to have the Myo Armband setup with Ableton and spent the next few hours exploring the endless possibilities that this new hardware presents. No lag, no crashes and easy integration make the Myo Armband a product that should have controller companies shaking in their boots.

While the applications of the Myo Armband are infinite, its unique interface with music production and performance software promises to disrupt and galvanize the entire industry. Pairing with the powerful software created for the Myo Armband, Leviathan, your favorite DAW programs can now be controlled in a completely new way."