VIDEO: Leviathan demo at the NAMM 2016 Wearable Technology Panel

NAMM 2016 Wearable Technology Panel at Anaheim, CA - hosted by the MIDI Manufacturers Association. 

January 24th, 2016 - Precision Music Technology on the Wearable Technology Panel at the annual NAMM (National Association for Music Merchants) conference in Anaheim, CA. The talk, hosted by the MMA (MIDI Manufacturers Association) and Lawrence Levine, was comprised of leading innovators in the field of wearable music, ranging from REMIDI's T8 MIDI gloves to virtual air guitar and drums using sensors developed by Intel. In the panel, Precision Music Technology co-founder Cyrus Reynolds shows off Leviathan's powerful capabilities for performance using only hand gestures and motion with Myo Armband to change effects parameters and chords. Learn more about Leviathan here.