LEVIATHAN™: Gestural Music Control for Myo



A new era in music performance has arrived. For the first time ever, control your favorite music software and analog synthesizers using custom gestures and motion with Myo + Leviathan

music performance at another level
— DJ Magazine
say goodbye to the past and welcome to the future
— YourEDM.com

What is Leviathan?



Leviathan is a powerful Mac OS X application that allows you to perform chords and fx parameters using customizable gestures via MIDI and OSC.


Compatible with all DAW and standalone music software. Learn how you can pioneer Gesture Control in your music below.


What is Myo?



The Myo armband gives you the power to control your DAW, plugins and hardware controllers with your hands, touch-free. The Myo senses gesture and motion control to seamlessly interpret what your hands and fingers are doing, and transmits that information over Bluetooth.

“I always love to involve new ideas into my show. Crowd interaction is absolutely key to me and the Myo helps me with this.” - Armin van Buuren

Unleash The Power Of LEVIATHAN